Town Center Parking Frequently Asked Questions

Q: The usual place I park is full or no longer available, where else can I park?

A: There are many parking options available throughout the Rockville Town Center. On the map you can find details on the many different garages, lots and streets throughout the Town Center. Simply click on a garage or lot and view details about its hours of operation, fees, and validation, if any. Parking meter information is below.

Q: Can I park anywhere for free?

A: Between the hours of 11 am and 5 pm, you can park for 2 hours and pay $1.50 in the Duball Rockville, LLC/Regal Cinema Lot with a validated ticket from a Regal Row Merchant. Customers of Tara Asia who park in this lot receive 2 hours free parking with proper validation.

Some locations are free after business hours and on weekends. See parking map for details by clicking on the different garages for more information.

Q: What purchases are eligible for free or discounted parking?

A: Any purchases made at participating Regal Row merchants can qualify for 2 hours of parking for $1.50 within the Regal Cinema parking lot between the hours of 11 am and 5 pm.

Q: Which designated parking areas accept the validation?

A: The surface lot at the Regal Cinema allows you to park at a rate of $1.50 for 2 hours between the hours of 11 am and 5 pm.

Q: What if I park after 6pm during the week?

A: Hourly parking rates listed at each parking garage apply. Plus, there is a nominal flat fee of $1.50 for evenings after 5 pm and weekends at the Duball Rockville LLC/Regal Cinema Lot. Alternatively, some garages in the Rockville Town Center are available for free after business hours. See parking map for pricing and details by clicking on the garages.

Q: What other discounts are available?

A: Don’t forget to ask a Regal Row merchant if you can purchase discount movie tickets.

Q: What if I lose my parking ticket?

A: Most garages will charge you the daily maximum and garage staff cannot modify this requirement.

Q: Where can I get more or updated information on parking at Rockville Town Center area?

A: Return to the map of the Rockville Town Center to view the numerous parking garages, surface lots and metered parking areas for details on hours and rates. Alternatively, you can visit the City of Rockville's website and Rockville Town Square's website to receive up to date parking information.

Q: Do you offer monthly parking rates in the Town Center?

A: Yes. Monthly permits can be purchased at many different garages. Pursue this at the garage you favor most and contact that parking management company directly.

Parking Meters

Q: What is the rate to park at parking meters?

A: The rate is 25 cents per 15 minutes. Meters accept quarters only. The MobileNOW! app is also available. FREE parking at meters available evenings after 10 pm, Sundays and City holidays.

Q: How long can I park at a parking meter?

A: There are different lengths of time available at different meters.

See parking map for locations of parking meters throughout the Rockville Town Center.

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